If you have a disability that prevents you from using this site to enroll in or waive coverage, please follow this link to contact your school administrator for help.

Welcome to a Healthier You

Your school and Kaiser Permanente have teamed up to offer the Kaiser Permanente Student Health Plan. You've got flexible coverage year-round.

If you're eligible, you can enroll in the plan or waive coverage by showing proof that you already have comparable healthcare coverage.

The plan includes many health resources and online features. On kp.org, you can request appointments, view lab results, refill prescriptions, and you can also stay in touch with your doctor through secure e-mail.

It's all part of Kaiser Permanente's commitment to keep you healthy -- mind, body, and spirit.

You could be eligible to enroll. Discover how our plan can help you feel your best -- and make the most of your choices.

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