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The Graduate Theological Union and participating member schools are partnering with Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest health plans in California, to provide you with student health insurance. This plan offers many preventive health care programs and covered services.

When can you enroll?
You can enroll only during general and late registration periods in the fall and spring semesters.

Who needs to enroll?

If you're enrolled for nine or more credits in any one semester, you must enroll in the GTU-Kaiser program or provide proof of health insurance that has comparable benefits.

If you're enrolled for six to eight credits in any one semester, you may enroll in the GTU-Kaiser plan, but you're not required to.

If you're enrolled in less than six credits, you're not eligible.

How long is enrollment?

You are enrolled in the GTU-Kaiser Permanente plan for the rest of the current school year (unless your eligibility changes). Your coverage begins on the first day of classes for the term you're enrolled in. The Graduate Theological Union is proud to provide you with the Kaiser Permanente Student Health Plan.

This plan offers the quality, flexibility and budget-friendly rates that you need. You will have access to online wellness programs and tools and services that will help you get the care you need, when and where you need it.

Summary of benefits

Find out what we have to offer. Check out the benefit details for the Kaiser Permanente Student Health Plan below.

Get the details on plan rate, coverage period, and more.

2016-2017 coverage year

DHMO $40 Plan with $500 Deductible
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